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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SOLOPIN?
    SOLOPIN Is the most convenient “pinless” solution to make international phone calls. SOLOPIN has the most competitive market rates with no gimmicks or hidden charges. With SOLOPIN your balance never expires.
  • What company developed SOLOPIN?
    SOLOPIN is a product of UNLIMITED RECHARGE, the most innovative telecommunication company in the market.
  • What countries can I call using SOLOPIN?
    With SOLOPIN, you can call almost anywhere in the world.
  • Can I get a FREE US$ 1 to test SOLOPIN?
    Yes, with SOLOPIN you can obtain an US$1 FREE to test our product and make phone calls overseas.
  • Simple Mobile is the company that provides my mobile service. Can I use SOLOPIN with this company?
    Yes, you can use SOLOPIN with Simple Mobile.
  • I call my mother almost every day. Does SOLOPIN provide a speed dial solution?
    Yes. SOLOPIN has the favorites (speed dial) that allows you one telephone number and talk inmidiately to your friends or family member.
  • If I loose my phone, can I transfer the SOLOPIN balance to my new phone?
    Yes, SOLOPIN allows you to transfer your balance to any other phone.
  • Can I share my SOLOPIN balance with my sister?
    Yes, SOLOPIN allows that two phones can make phone calls using the same balance.
  • Where can I buy SOLOPIN?
    You can buy SOLOPIN almost everywhere. You can find it at convenient stores, cashiers, cash remittance stores, bodegas, gas stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, mobile stores and online at SOLOPIN.COM.
  • Does SOLOPIN has a customer service phone?
    Yes, SOLOPIN has a 24/7 customer service center. You can call anyday at anytime at (201) 215-5261.
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