|-> Digicel Haiti 2X desde US$10.00 / Digicel Haiti 2X over US10.00 denominations
|-> Natcom Haiti 8X desde US$8.50 / Natcom Haiti 8X on Top Ups over US$8.50
|-> Claro Honduras 5X todas denominaciones / Claro Honduras 5X to all denominations
|-> Digicel El Salvador 3X desde US$6.00 / Digicel El Salvador 3X over US$6.00

Solo PIN


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  • Solo PIN

    It is your best solution to make long distance calls with the highest quality and at low cost from the United States to ANY part of the world
  • Dominican Movil

    You can make unlimited calls to a cellphone in the Dominican Republic
  • Mi Pais!

    With Mi Pais can receive unlimited calls from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, among others.
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