|-> Tigo Guatemala 3X todas denominaciones / Tigo Guatemala 3X to all denominations
|-> Digicel Haiti 5X desde US$12.00 / Digicel Haiti 5X over US$12.00
|-> Digicel Guyana 3X en US$22.00 / Digicel Guyana 3X on US$22.00
Unlimited Recharge Currents International are available for the world

Unlimited Recharge inc

Unlimited Recharge inc, is a sales and marketing company that prides itself on the ability to appeal to a wide and diverse customer base. The company’s development and implementation of marketing strategies through its products, capitalize on ethnic and cultural icons and images, and provide a visually identifiable home country connection.

Unlimited Recharged illustrates and sustains an active and creative approach towards marketing and creating a demand for a new telecom product. The company is highly effective and flexible in working with their distributors and service providers for the success of the product. The company’s strategic approach is highly unique and meticulously carried fourth. In short –Unlimited Recharge does not sell a product and simply leave it at the door step; rather, it applies a creative flexibility to make each project work and to adopt whatever is necessary to keep the program ahead of the future competition.


  • No more pins
  • No more hidden fees!
  • Never Expires
  • Local Access Numbers
  • Better International Rates


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